Tauranga’s Best And Affordable Summer Attractions

Tauranga is home to Aotearoa’s most pristine beaches, vibrant street art, abundant native wildlife, and spectacular water-based activities. The ideal summer vacation is here, with opportunities to immerse yourself in the unique urban culture of BOP’s largest city.

Tauranga’s beautiful sites provide the ideal setting for not only rest and recharge, but also for creating life-long memories to cherish. So, if you or your whanau want to make the most of your summer on a budget, Tauranga is the place to be!

Top three affordable attractions in Tauranga

Swim with marine life

Wouldn’t it be amazing to cross swimming with marine life off your bucket list? Well, you have the opportunity to do so in Tauranga, as the city is teeming with incredible marine life.

Orca Wild Adventures is an organisation that allows tourists to swim and snorkel with dolphins during a 5-hour cruise, which will also likely include encounters with orcas, whales, and other marine mammals. This is an unforgettable excursion that is ideal for families with children who will be able to fulfil their dreams of seeing their favourite marine mammals up close.

With food and drinks included, this activity is extremely cheap and affordable, with a family of four expecting to spend only a few hundred dollars. Learn about the marine environment from the crew while taking in views of Mt. Maunganui and Moturiki Island.

Experience Tauranga’s ultimate water and adventure park

Waimarino Adventure Park is Tauranga’s water paradise, offering a variety of water-based activities for you and your family. The park features New Zealand’s only kayak slide, the blob, diving boards, Italian pedalos, and other attractions.

Wairmarino is famous for its glow worm kayaking tour, which begins before sunset so that tourists can see the enchanting glowworms.

The park also has a cultural history; here you can learn about the Maori myths and legends associated with Lake Rotoiti. This park’s scenery is truly magnificent, with an abundance of native bush and plants surrounding the lake edge, worthy of being plastered on your Instagram page.

The park also has an amazing refreshment and dining area on the edge of Lake McLaren, which is a great place to eat during sunset hours. For group bookings, the park offers discounts and private areas within the park, as well as holiday programmes for children.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, grab your swimwear and your friends/family and experience the action-packed park.

Immerse in the exquisite art found right here in Tauranga

The Art Gallery in Tauranga offers tourists a one-of-a-kind art experience. Tauranga Museum of Art is the key historic art gallery in the Bay of Plenty. If you are an art lover or an aspiring art critic, this is the place to be.

This gallery displays inspiring artwork by local, national, and international artists. The gallery hosts events such as holiday art competitions for children, exhibitions of local artists, and adult painting evenings.

This art gallery uses VR and AR to create an immersive art experience and displays of 3D art that make interacting with the art more life-like.

Tauranga’s art gallery is unquestionably a local favourite, with its beautiful art and culture displayed in such a way that it provides an interactive experience for all. This is a great attraction for families with young children, as this art can inspire their young minds and encourage them to explore their artistic side.

So, if you’re looking for a free tourist attraction for your family, this is the one for you.

Jam at Tauranga’s well-known music festival

Bay Dreams is Tauranga’s popular summer festival held in Mount Maunganui. Covid-19 caused this popular festival event to be halted for the past couple years, however the festival has made its return for 2023.

The 2023 has an exciting line up including famous artists such as Diplo, Sticky fingers, Hybrid Minds, Denzel curry, etc. This festival is perfect for kiwi fans wanting to see their local and international heroes on stage, and experience a event jam-packed with talent.

The Bay Dreams festival is ideal for teens and adults wanting to experience a music festival as good as coachella! The tickets are extremely cheap, with laybuy options as low as $28 per fortnight.

So, if you’re into hot summer days, an incredible line-up, glitter, drinks, camping, Bay Dreams should be your summer destination.

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