Daikin Premium R32 Inverter: What makes it SMART?

What makes a smart air conditioning system?

Introducing Daiken R32. A sleek and sophisticated outlook matched with intelligent and superior functions. Daikin’s Streamer technology provides protection from uninvited particles such as mold, viruses, allergic substances, diesel particles and odor, releasing energy to decompose these threats, channeling purified and fresh air into the room.

In addition to streamer technology, a shield forged by the reliable PM2.5 filter is commissioned to capture respiratory threatening fine particles leaving only clean and healthy air to breathe in.

Smart EcoMax

An intelligent energy saving feature allows adaptive power utilization based on human presence. Indicated by a unique Led light energy consumption level is intuitively switched between colors.

Smart Drift

Smart Drift generates four airflow effects towards the far end of the room where immaculate distribution of air is created. The cooling comfort is spread evenly throughout the space

Smart Powerful Plus

Smart Powerful Plus produces direct spot cooling within the room for maximum comfort. The Louver automatically maneuvers via thermal sensor to direct instant cooling from the central spot to one individual and a full swing when there are more people.

Smart Breeze

Smart Breeze allows the airflow to be orchestrated at different strengths and speed leading to the formation of varying combinations of cordial breeze. The room becomes a dedication to nature. The 3D airflow structure gives excellent air modulation to your room. It generates a rectangular motion of air throughout the room with improved air draft coverage for an even faster and efficient cooling reach.

Smart Sleep Plus

Smart Sleep Plus is activated to initiate automated temperature adjustments to complement changes in body temperature during sleep. Synergised with the LED dimming feature, Smart Sleep Plus ensures a pleasant rest throughout the night.

Smart Control

Smart Control connects your tablet or smartphone to the Internet and you can manage your air conditioning system conveniently anytime. Anywhere.

At Daikin, smart technology and comfort are redefined beyond the next level.

Daikin Smarto, smart air, cool life.

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